Multi Color Chameleon By PolarFox Multi Color Chameleon By PolarFox

– V.1 – always ON

– V.2 – only when aiming on enemy tanks

16 thoughts on “ Multi Color Chameleon By PolarFox

  1. Version ‘always on’ doesn’t work. Parameter “onlyInSight” always is on true mode.
    Also changing colors doesn’t work.

  2. Love this mod because I’m nearly blind and can’t see anything without it, but it now leaves dead tanks as the same color with the class indicator above them like they are still alive. I’ve shot a few dead tanks thinking they were still up and running. Is there a way to fix this?

  3. At this point this mod is acting weird, it does not update tanks when they are hit. All tanks still show full health until they are dead at which time there is no longer a number above the tank. Also the dead tanks stay the same color if using the full time chameleon.

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