BlackWoT Tundra Script By PolarFox BlackWoT Tundra Script By PolarFox



– Totally redone script with auto update function
– Working on ALL servers

46 thoughts on “ BlackWoT Tundra Script By PolarFox

  1. Didn’t work for me right away. Turns out there were no longer needed files in the res directory. Very old stuff going back to patch 0.8x. After removing the cruft, it worked like a charm.

    1. Thank you, I gave up long ago trying to convince people that I have no interest in posting non working mods 🙂

  2. works! but sometimes my WoT crashes. Easy Tundra by Bosomi worked flawlessly for me. every other Tundra Mod is also working, but always with sideffects.

      1. the mod is listed as “full 64bit support” so yeah that’s just going to use the 32bit client.. not the 64bit that it says it supports..

        1. Can I counter in all what can be wrong with your game client ?
          Did you clean your cash files lately?
          Did you use WMCleaner before installing this version ?
          Do you have any other mods beside BWtundra ?

          The mod works, it works just fine under 64bit. Because PolarFox is the first coder that made it work under 64bit.
          Simplified version of the payed AVS/BWmods package.
          Can you imagine the shit storm if over 25k payed users woke up and tundra was not working ?

  3. I have a problem with this can you help me ?
    I’m playing on Mac and I don’t have num_pad in it so there is one problem but mod Is not working ;(
    Normaly from what I see in config Tundra should be activate on start in sniper but it’s not workin ;(
    On Mac there is no option to use 32 bit don’t know why and you say it works on 64 bit so please help me

  4. i have been using your website for a long time. Thx for all first.
    after the last patch, none of mods work on me.

  5. I’m playing on linux and it’s not working too. I wonder what I need to install to make it work. I have net-framework4.8 and visualC++ 2010. Maybe I need something more , anybody knows how to help ?

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