Old WoT Launcher And Installer By DrWeb7_1 Old WoT Launcher And Installer By DrWeb7_1

– old but reliable WoT launcher

– download links for EU and RU region

EU Region:

RU region:

6 thoughts on “ Old WoT Launcher And Installer By DrWeb7_1

  1. Do you know that DrWeb doesn’t want to see his mods on your website? I’m a moderator of DrWeb’s Discord server and he even blacklisted your site on the server. I guess you should either remove his property from the site or contact with the creator of it.

    1. First of all, this is a mod found EVERYWHERE so as it is free and available, it will stay here.
      Second, you can be Santa Claus for all I know.
      3th, I think the war on where we post free mods is over a long time ago. So, what the hell are you even talking about ?
      4th, if this is such an issue where people get this mod, I would be more than happy to set source link and download page to his website.
      5th, this is even posted on WGModHub, why the hell am I a problem ? Because I probably get more downloads the WG ???

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