WoT-Lom Cheat ModPack WoT-Lom Cheat ModPack

If you are tiered of searching for separated mods on the web, this is the mod pack for you. WoT-Lom includes practically all the best mods and cheats available for WoT, plus some custom setting and availability of personalization.  In the installer, there is all the information that you need on every mod, feel and look.

Setup and installation:

**Please remove any mods you used so far so there is no conflict.

In the installer, there is an option to clean folders “res_mods & mods”, you alseo need to clean cash folders.

Installer is checked with VirusTotal. You can check any version on the same site.


24 thoughts on “ WoT-Lom Cheat ModPack

  1. many internal errors connected with files with .bmp extension. installer not working, Windows Defender disabled

  2. Please remove ekspoint’s mods, the whole mod pack will never work anywhere outside EU region due to those mods were locked and packed to the brim with exploiting adwares by that scum.

    1. They are free, and by choosing free mods, sometimes you need to agree to some discomfort. Because voluntary donations NEVER WORKED…

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