Japonomat Tundra Japonomat Tundra



For other languages:

1. Open X:\games\World_of_Tanks\res\text\lc_messages\settings.mo with NOTEPAD++ (it’s free).
2. Go to the line 192, and in the end of the line, you have W.o.T. Client, with points. You have to enter how the game is spelled in your selected language (picture 2), save and close.
After that, JAPONAMAT is WORKING!!!


97 thoughts on “ Japonomat Tundra

        1. IT WORKS, just start as administrator FFS, what has changed sine ?
          And stop posting BS if you cannot follow simple instructions…

  1. Good afternoon
    Suddenly shutting down the game when I try to activate one of the keys. Has to do with todays update ??
    Yesterday was working properly
    Thanks in advance.
    ** Frankly it is the best Tundra ever !!!!! Good work

    1. Tested, it works… I can change the file name if it makes you feel better…

      (once again: I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO AND POST NO WORKING MODS – mods are posted ONLY if tested or/and are listed as working on 4cheat and wotspeak, so pls, can we stop with this)

        1. Tested, working, so either you are doing something wrong, or I’m medical miracle, plus 5 guys from my clan…
          EU server cluster…

    1. Tested, working, so either you are doing something wrong, or I’m medical miracle, plus 5 guys from my clan…
      EU server cluster…

    1. Tested, working, so either you are doing something wrong, or I’m medical miracle, plus 5 guys from my clan…
      EU server cluster…

    1. Tested, working, so either you are doing something wrong, or I’m medical miracle, plus 5 guys from my clan…
      EU server cluster…

  2. thnx for ur work mate i follow ur instructions copied the exe file from win64 to the desktop run as administrator and it worked like a charm

  3. pozz druze

    imam problem, nece da mi se ucita prodavnica u igri
    imao sam i ranije ali je onda WG dao neki fajl pa je radilo
    ali opet sad nece ni sa tim fajlom posle zadnje nadogradnje
    sta ciniti?

    1. 1. Do you use XVM ? If yes, update it to latest version.

      2. Win 10/11 (64bit version) must be updated to latest version (AVS uses netframework).

      3. NVidia/Radeon driver also must be updated to latest version.

      4. Clean game client from any previous mods (WoT game engine is cashing everything and all those files are actually never cleaned):

      – Download WMCleaner from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7gb3t0llrnwt368/WMCleaner.zip/file Start cleaner, scan (http://prntscr.com/lvjnyr), select all options for cleaning (http://prntscr.com/lvjo2h), hit delete and zip (http://prntscr.com/lvjo5g), when prompted to backup select NO (http://prntscr.com/lvjo9n).

      5. In system tray, disable ALL. Literally the only stuff working in the background must be your antivirus and GPU driver (https://prnt.sc/26erhqq). Why: AVS will sometimes pick up stuff like mouse macros, internet optimizers, OverWolf, etc.

      6. Force the game into 64-bit mod: Locate folder c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_XX\win64\. (https://prnt.sc/jnyTp8JGJ4N9). Send worldoftanks.exe to desktop (https://prnt.sc/rbjL0Bev-9bW). Right click on the worlfoftanks.exe, SENT TO -> DESKTOP (https://prnt.sc/F0SrmfPKE71M). From now on, use ONLY this shortcut to start the game. Standard game launcher from now one will be used ONLY to update the game. New shortcut MUST be set to be RUN AS ADMINSTRATOR (https://prnt.sc/26erkg9).

      7. Check the game client: Open game launcher, find Check And Repair option (https://prnt.sc/ra7rfc), start (https://prnt.sc/ra7s14). Game will now check game files integrity (https://prnt.sc/ra7s79). This will take 1-5 min. Set the launcher options like this (https://prnt.sc/rlu63j). Close the game launcher by right clicking on the status icon in the lower right corner (https://prnt.sc/ra7t4w).

    1. Ooooooodavno vreme da se predje na 10ku…. Najverovatnije da fali neki netframework, posto 7ca nema podsku vec godinu i jace dana…

    1. Niepotrzebnie wrzucasz do pliku z grą. Wklej na pulpit, uruchom grę a potem tundrę, Jak się zapali na zielono to działa. Nic więcej nie trzeba robić

      1. English google translate
        You don’t need to put it in the game file. Paste on the desktop, start the game and then tundra, If it lights up green, it works. Nothing else needs to be done

        1. Hello, everything is done as before all the months.
          The problem is that Tundra does not turn green and therefore does not work.

  4. now it works, finally wrong version form first downloadlink (1.18).
    after repair the languages the 1.19 version works perfect.

  5. I don’t know how to install it, I do everything as agreed, but it doesn’t work!

    1- open the game in 64bit

    2- I copied tundra to the desktop

    3- I open tundra 64 in admin mode


  6. Not working, when I try to check the box “Full tundra in sniper mode”, it will automatically uncheck in a second…all used correctly, game x64, admin execute, green light etc.

      1. rename .exe files name from Тундра_1.20.0.0(64)_EU to Тundra_1.20.0.0(64)_EU, worked for me, when it starts, if an .ini file it’s created (configuration file) and game was found will 100% work.

  7. Hello Anonymous, you wrote after re-naming the exe. files it works for you, is the sniper mode also working for you? Because the check box “Full tundra in sniper mode”, it will automatically uncheck in a second at my side. do you copied the tundra.exe in a spezial WOT_Folder? thanks for help

    1. Hello player one, after extracting tundra on desktop, rename .exe files before you launch it, make sure you don’t launch any .exe before rename them. Only then, after renaming, execute, and if you see, 3rd file it’s created, and .ini file (configuration file).Only if this happens the Full tundra on sniper mode checkbox will stay checked. Didn’t work for me either, from first try. Make sure also, the red square turns green after you start the game and game was found, I have encountered this issue many times on my clan members, still unfixed….

  8. Replace russian symbols into “Tundra” (leave the version etc name like this Tundra_1.20.0.0(64)_EU )
    THen the sniper mode will work as it should 🙂
    Also, delete the old config, the new one will be created.

  9. Hello everyone. In order to make tundra work properly, follow this steps:
    1. Download and extract on desktop, DO NOT try to run it.
    2. Replace the “Тундра” word from “Тундра_1.20.0.0(64)_EU.exe” with “Tundra”, basically, rename it to look like this – “Tundra_1.20.0.0(64)_EU.exe”.
    3. Try to run it, if renaming was a success, a new file will be created – “Tundra_1.20.0.0(64)_EU.ini”, after this, “Full tundra in sniper mode” checkbox will remain checked.
    All of the above worked on few on my clan members so far…for few of them, the red square which indicates game presence remains red, I’ve tried all , game x64 run admin, tundra admin run, both added as exception in firewall…nothing works. I cleared cache mods, repair game, reinstall the game, XVM updated, .net Framework up to date, place tundra folder inside game…and many more fix ideas from internet….no success… If someone have a solution for this issue, please reply.

    1. Hello!
      I did what you was telling and the checkbox remain checked, but is not working!
      i try to close program and reopen but not working either!

  10. Not good! I did what is written and it doesn’t work. What could go wrong? Now I want to use this variety for the first time and I don’t know what I went wrong.

    1. Please tell me your are NOT using win 7 or some other dead OS ?
      (sorry for the dumb question, I just found out that people actually still use win 7 for wot)

  11. pomocy ruskie serwery tundra działa na eu NIE czy kacapy lepsi od EUROPEJCZYKÓW? NAPRAWCIE TUNDRĘ

  12. Not work!!
    I edit file “setings.mo” (it is on end of file, not on lane 192, for me it was lane 307) from WoT klient to WoT Client , same as on picture 1.
    I started WoT in windowed via Alt+Enter and I saw name – W.o.T. Client ,but in edited setings.mo I see WoT Client.

    Yes tundra is set to start as administrator and I using 64bit and do nothing, waiting to game is still red, if i try ON trunk or full tundra nothing happen.

  13. buenas noches, disculpa soy de Venezuela mi juego esta en español, que debo hacer para que este mod funcione, ? porque lo instalo como antes y no funciona, tengo Windows 10 de 64 bits.

    por favor indícame paso a paso, saludos y buenas noches

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