AntiFences By Stealthz * AntiFences By Stealthz

Active until: 01.07.24.

If you are interested in buying this mod with unlimited time licence, you can contact the mod author Stealthz over this email: volovikovi@gmail.com

25 thoughts on “ AntiFences By Stealthz *

  1. NEW MOD SweepFences
    Autor: Delysid

    Analogs of mods Sweep Fences is a breakable, garbageSuppressor. In this modification, there are no trials, connections to servers, banners in the hangar, sound loss, the mod does not open a bunch of Cef browser processes in the game.


  2. This mod is just incredible especially when the object appear or disappear dependent on what ammo type you have loaded.

    5 stars *****

      1. So here is what ekspoints mods do:

        -tries to execute beep.mp3
        -tries to access Adobe Flash Player.dmg
        -minimizing game and crashing cefbrowser.exe
        -this computer was blocked.htm have to cancel process 5 times and microsoft
        -security essentials flags it and stops its.

        1. Beep mp3 – sound notification for a minimap indicator.
          flash player needed to display indicator on the minimap.

          and ffs, stop using MS “security essentials”…

  3. mod cause game crash on some maps(Ruinberg, Airfield)on patch
    Pls fix this mode, its one of the best mods in WOT

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