Enemy Reload Timer By Armor Enemy Reload Timer By Armor

Added FULL version from D-mod, should be the same as ZJ reload, please test.

Lite Version:

Full Version:

90 thoughts on “ Enemy Reload Timer By Armor

  1. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I have been installed on a pure version of wot, the reload still does not work for me

  2. Uploading still crashes the game. If I paste zam x ray and damaged objects, everything works nicely, but if I overload the game it turns off and goes to the desktop

  3. You’re lying. You want people not to download this mod specifically
    All mods from Stealthz contain miners and banners.
    Mods from Stealthz and wotspeak specifically break this clean and free mod.

  4. Nie oskarzaj nikogo bezpodstawnie. Jesli mowisz ze klamie to udowodnij to. Dziwne ze mam modpack aslaina i nie dziala. Pisze po prawej po wklejeniu ze mod jest on ale przeladowania nad czolgami nie widac. Chcialem zapytac co zrobic zeby bylo widac bo i na czystym kliencie mam to samo kak i z aslainem, ale jesli tal stawiasz sprawe i oskarzasz kogos o klamsywo mam to w dupie i gowna niesprawdzonego nie bede sciagal

    1. Which region do u think I am playing? EU. Your mod is my favorite but unfortunately (it was great when it appeared first many times ago.But after first WOT patch u didn’t update and disappeared) since mod reappeared it always has had crashing or no start problems on program.Maybe so simple ,maybe not but I beg u must have a thorough check to fix it.

        1. Yess Hamster, this time u could do it. 2 day ago was crashing but today mod got fixed.No problem yet. Thanks Hamster.

    1. @Chiter i go res-mod > > create gui folder > create mods folder and uploud 3 files into mods folder?

      1. Open Res-Mods folder then create another folders chain inside:
        then put 3 files extracting from zip into that mods folder. thats all. But risk to crash game whenever starting a battle.

    1. Open Res-Mods folder then create another folders chain inside:
      then put 3 files extracting from zip into that mods folder. thats all. But risk to crash game whenever starting a battle.

  5. Can you please provide, a download link to the current patch ? I tried to access the source website, but don’t let me to register

  6. Delete all mods ekspoint
    WARNING: [gui.Scaleform.framework.managers.containers] Loading of view Hangar[0x3204af10]=[key=ViewKey[alias=hangar, name=hangar], scope=SimpleScope[0x1ab9d750]=[scopeType=subView, parentScope=SimpleScope[0x1ab9d6d0]=[scopeType=view, parentScope=GlobalScope[0x1ab9d690]=[scopeType=global, parentScope=None]]], state=0] is requested but the container subView is still not exist!

    This is crash – mods ekspoint ((

  7. No trial period… so this is on the source: * Added a trial version with the setting in the hangar.

  8. Mod doesn’t work:

    [SL_PRO] Skipped Script: mod_mods_gui.pyc

    Do you know the reason? I have aslain pack and added these. They were working in the past, but not now :/

  9. Got a problem. The mod is working, but the settings are constantly reset. I modify them, hit the Apply, go back and the setup is resetted. Is there any config file method, or only the in-hangar settings?

  10. Hejka była gdzieś taka fajna rozpiska co gdzie wrzucić ze zdjęciami, mógłbym prosić o linka do niej, bo nie mogę jej znaleźć…

    1. Umm, all is ok. Maybe old cash files ? Try deleting all from Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\profile\rfs_cache\. If problem persists:
      1. Do you use XVM ? If yes, update it to latest version.
      2. Win 10/11 must be updated to latest version.

      3. NVidia/Radeon driver also must be updated to latest version.

      4. Clean game client from any previous mods (WoT game engine is cashing everything and all those files are actually never cleaned):

      – Download WMCleaner from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7gb3t0llrnwt368/WMCleaner.zip/file Start cleaner, scan (http://prntscr.com/lvjnyr), select all options for cleaning (http://prntscr.com/lvjo2h), hit delete and zip (http://prntscr.com/lvjo5g), when prompted to backup select NO (http://prntscr.com/lvjo9n).

      5. In system tray, disable ALL. Literally the only stuff working in the background must be your antivirus and GPU driver (https://prnt.sc/26erhqq). Why: AVS will sometimes pick up stuff like mouse macros, internet optimizers, OverWolf, etc..

      6. Locate folder c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_XX\win32\. (https://prnt.sc/26erjd6). Send worldoftanks.exe to desktop (https://prnt.sc/ra7pee). Right click on the worlfoftanks.exe, SENT TO -> DESKTOP (https://prnt.sc/ra7pz3). From now on, use ONLY this shortcut to start the game. Standard game launcher from now one will be used ONLY to update the game. New shortcut MUST be set to be RUN AS ADMINSTRATOR (https://prnt.sc/26erkg9).

      8. Check the game client: Open game launcher, find Check And Repair option (https://prnt.sc/ra7rfc), start (https://prnt.sc/ra7s14). Game will now check game files integrity (https://prnt.sc/ra7s79). This will take 1-5 min. Set the launcher options like this (https://prnt.sc/rlu63j). Close the game launcher by right clicking on the status icon in the lower right corner (https://prnt.sc/ra7t4w).

  11. FULL made client crash.
    Lite version, the config files have no effect.

    @ekspoint please always have a RELOAD CONFIG button in all your mods.
    keep up the good work

  12. wow its defenetly not work installed WOT 4 the first time on a resseted PC and look nothing happend…. any ideas why? and if yes pls with instruction like wich folders and do on.

    1. Yea, I got nothing better to do but to post fake mods. Jeez…
      Or maybe you did something wrong.
      Use Steathz Pack to install reload, since you missed the news that WG split into two companies…

  13. Next BS comment like this and you will be banned, this is not general chat and I have no need to convince you that you are WRONG….

  14. 12/5/23
    hi, mod not working. unzip folder is seems to check for version and cant just copy across

  15. NO ALERT SOUND WHEN RECEIVING A HIT, only the visual arrow is displayed.
    THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR WORK, it helps me A LOT (I’m a very old person).

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