Direction Box Full By lportii & Armor * Direction Box Full By lportii & Armor

– 3 color direction box

– two versions inside

Version by lpotii:

Version by Armor:

18 thoughts on “ Direction Box Full By lportii & Armor *

  1. like it a lot but in combination with some other mods it leads to client freezes and client crashes. 🙁

    1. Yes, legal version can show only the closest enemy plus it CANNOT have indication that someone is aiming at you.

  2. untill wot it work…but now i cannot make it work …. can you tell me why or sugest me something please ?

  3. Getting black screen on start up with both versions. Must be conflicting with another mod, any idea what it could be? Have a bunch of mods installed from Aslain modpack.

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