[ZJ] HitMarker Build 018 Demo By ZorroJan * [ZJ] HitMarker Build 018 Demo

Active until: 01.07.24.

Alternative link:

23 thoughts on “ [ZJ] HitMarker Build 018 Demo By ZorroJan *

  1. Is it possible to get a endless free version of this mod without blind hit effect? I just like it when it snaped but i dont want the forbiddn aspect of this mod

    1. There was a free version by Ekspoint before. Just a hit marker. I can’t find it now.
      If I do, it will be published….

  2. For some reason, the hitmarker mod says it is outdated;, despite downloading the version. Any help?

  3. When I kill the enemy, the screen turns red and it never gets better. nothing is visible. This has been happening for the last few updates.

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