Aim Time Indicator By P0LIR0ID Aim Time Indicator By P0LIR0ID

– works with any gun sight.

– position can be changed ingame by pressing CTRL and just dragging it to the desired location.

12 thoughts on “ Aim Time Indicator By P0LIR0ID

  1. Can I fixate the indicator at a desirable location? (I accidentally relocating it all the time)

      1. No, I mean… drag it somewhere and then, I don’t know, disable dragging if you catch me. Or even disable dragging in the first place, write it’s location in the code or somewhere, cause it’s accidentally moves all the time on it’s own or I’m doing it without wanting it and it’s very frustrating. Please HELP

  2. Hey, thx for this mod. I like it. Is there a way to set it on german or englisch. There is a russian text when full aim and i sadly cant read russian. i would like to have it on englisch or german.

      1. Ah, thats really unfortunately. I also tryed it, thats why i was question here. I hope, the mod developer will make eng version. Nevermind, thank you for answer bro and thx for your effort. 🙂

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