White-Blue Dead Tanks, Damaged Track By StranikS_Scan White-Blue Dead Tanks, Damaged Track By StranikS_Scan

– 3 versions inside

White dead tanks ONLY:

Blue Dead Tanks + White Damaged Tracks:

White Damaged Tracks ONLY:

15 thoughts on “ White-Blue Dead Tanks, Damaged Track By StranikS_Scan

  1. Makes the game crash at certain points in version The crash is repeatable using replays and always happens at same point.

  2. Switched back to the older version “1.0.1” and it works fine. There is something broken with this version.

    1. The issue is connected with WG adding a 64bit game engine.
      The launcher will now start a 64bit (new) version of the engine if it decides it is needed. But, tundra (and a bunch of other) was created for the 32bit.
      To resolve the issue, you will have to start the game via 32bit WorldOfTanks.exe located here: https://prnt.sc/ph1umn
      So, that is main game folder, WIN32 and just right click on the WorldOfTanks.exe, send to desktop: https://prnt.sc/ph1va4
      Using that icon start the game – all should be working…

  3. All the bodies of dead tanks turn white, but if the caterpillar breaks off when they are alive, they do not turn white.
    That was not the case before.

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