How to get your money back from WG (spent in the last 1.5 years, PayPal only)

Update: do not try this unless you can afford to lose a whole account. It’s at your own risk. I don’t recommend doing this at all.

Note: We don’t know what happens with bought gifts yet.

I’m sure many of you have one or several WoT accounts where you invested time and money in. But since WG does not bother listening to its players (they failed to provide new maps without corridors, a proper arty nerf and a gold ammo nerf to say the least) and instead is testing a new store interface, I decided this needed to be posted. Many of you have commented the #walletclosed tag these past months, for good reason. So, if we already posted several hundred times (at least!) premium store offers, the reverse must also come true.

The good news is:

If you used PayPal to buy stuff from Wargaming, you can get some serious cash back.

Now, all this takes is your willingness to quit the game forever. You’re going to lose access to your account for sure if you do it. But if you have for example 5 accounts, you can do it on 4 and still screw WG up pretty bad while leaving an account to play with.

And here’s how you do it:

Go to your PayPal Account and file chargebacks (click „Report an Issue”) on your last charges to Wargaming as “Goods Not as Described” and then select “Other”. Then you simply explain how you received the goods, but that Wargaming deliberately runs their game in such a way that anything you buy quickly devalues. Go on to explain that they are deliberately ripping off customers this way, while interacting with the community as little as possible, not even listening to feedback from community contributors, firing any who speak out about this practice and how their customer support consists only of auto-responders that deny any and all claims. Go on to explain how there are no real customer support agents anymore and that they are simply unreachable by phone to discuss the matter with at all.

Guess what, folks? PayPal will try to contact them too. You know what happens then? They meet with the same brick wall, bullshit auto-responder service that you meet with all the time.

You know what happens then?

THIS is what happens then:

Now, bear in mind that you WILL lose your account. They will lock it up tighter than a drum. But do you really care? Nope.

Now, here comes the REAL payoff:

Under the law, you can only chargeback 120 days of PayPal charges to Wargaming in dispute of “Goods not as described” but…

…and what a but it is, folks!

WHEN they lock your account down and you lose access to it, Wargaming themselves shoot themselves in the foot because then you can charge back

540 DAYS!!!

That’s right, everyone!

If you used PayPal, you can get back EVERY LAST DIME you gave Wargaming for the last year-and-a-half!!!

That’s all.


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4 thoughts on “How to get your money back from WG (spent in the last 1.5 years, PayPal only)

  1. And if you decide to do it, and you gave gifts to your friends, their accounts will be blocked as well until they return given money for that gift.

    1. 3 year old post. Since then WG added a button (when you buy anything from them) that you will NOT ask for a refund.
      So, my best guess is that now, this is very hard to pull off.
      But then, 3 years ago, I know several guys who actually got their money back…

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