DDOS Attack On PolarFox Core Servers

24.07.18. STATUS UPDATE:

Today all licence that are under HOLD status will be unblocked.

Payments from 10.07.18. to 22.07.18. will be returned to data base and extra 10-20 days will be added to every account as a compensation.

Feel free to contact support if any problem arise.

22.07.18. around 22:00 CET a massive DDOST attack was launched at all PolarFox Core servers.

You probably noticed it when all UI from any PF mod was gone from the game (AVSmods, BWmods, PolarFox Stats etc)

Due to sensitive nature of what we do, all server activity was put on hold until 100% stability is back.

Today, almost all services are back to normal.



If you have ANY of the following issues, contact support immediately :

  • licence time not displaying proper (improper dates etc)

  • AVSmods shop issue

  • any other issues regarding AVSmods functionality



All problems will be solved ASAP and NO ONE will lose any licence time (all will be compensated for the down time and improper licence readings)

Thank you all for your patience…


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