Fix Reticle Size By Jak_Atackka (RDDT Warpack) Fix Reticle Size By Jak_Atackka (RDDT Warpack)

Many players have developed a sense for firing before the gun is fully aimed, because they know the shot will (likely) still hit. There’s a good reason for this. A little-known quirk is that the reticle size does not match the shell distribution. In fact, even when fully aimed, shots only land in a small inner part of the reticle.

Left: M53/M55 with 0.5799 accuracy; the SPG reticle is the correct size.
Center: Renault FT with 0.5800 accuracy; the reticle is much larger than the one on the left.
Right: The same Renault FT, but with this mod installed. The reticle is now the correct size.

Fixing this has a surprisingly big affect on how the game feels. There are some things it won’t fix:


Bad aim

Bad RNG – shots can still bounce or miss


Place the .wotmod file inside the “World of Tanks/mods/1.xx.x.x/” folder.

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