Fix Reticle Size By Jak_Atackka (RDDT Warpack) Fix Reticle Size By Jak_Atackka (RDDT Warpack)

Many players have developed a sense for firing before the gun is fully aimed, because they know the shot will (likely) still hit. There’s a good reason for this. A little-known quirk is that the reticle size does not match the shell distribution. In fact, even when fully aimed, shots only land in a small inner part of the reticle.

Left: M53/M55 with 0.5799 accuracy; the SPG reticle is the correct size.
Center: Renault FT with 0.5800 accuracy; the reticle is much larger than the one on the left.
Right: The same Renault FT, but with this mod installed. The reticle is now the correct size.

Fixing this has a surprisingly big affect on how the game feels. There are some things it won’t fix:


Bad aim

Bad RNG – shots can still bounce or miss


Place the .wotmod file inside the “World of Tanks/mods/1.xx.x.x/” folder.

75 thoughts on “ Fix Reticle Size By Jak_Atackka (RDDT Warpack)

      1. Inside the zip archive trere are 3 files.
        I did copy all the files into the mods folder and also tried by copying only the Jak_Atackka wormod file.
        I’ve got the same result: no message that mod is loaded and the reticle size is as default (with no mod).

        1. Into C:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\
          If you place them just in MODS why will not work, you need to send them into the corresponding patch folder…

          1. I confirm that you are right.
            The mod is working, but Login notification don’t.
            I had to set Minimum reticle size to zero in order to have the reticle smaller than the default size.
            10x mate!

  1. Hello, in the previous version the sight was right next to the point (the center of the sight) and as the zoom decreased, the reticle also decreased, but now it doesn’t. At first I thought the mod wasn’t working. Then I realized that they had added their own menu for it, and set the sight to 0 pixels (yes, on the 8x reticle it became smaller, but not as much as in the previous version. And at 2x, 4x the reticle remains the same as in 8x). Perhaps there is some solution?

  2. Its such a good mod to have the real size making it a lot better to shoot quick because you can see when the full tank is inside the reticle instead of guessing when you can shoot

    1. Do you see the patch number ?
      It’s not updated !!!

      Are you blind or you just have too much time posting useless comments….

    1. Unfortunately, the author of the mod did not update it to current patch 🙁

      You can try using the files as they are, just set them up in the correct folders…

  3. since the update the mod for some reason disables the voicelines for auto aim (when you lock or unlock on target). the only fix is disabling this mod.

  4. Same here..is there solution? Thank you
    since the update the mod for some reason disables the voicelines for auto aim (when you lock or unlock on target). the only fix is disabling this mod.

  5. Why does this bullshit mod force me to play with server reticle? No matter how many times I turn it off, it’s on for the next battle. Always. Is there any way to fix this? It provides the opposite experience. I can’t concentrate on the aiming with two reticles flying on the screen.

    1. No idea why it’s forcing it, best guess it’s getting some additional info from the API for the server reticle.

  6. I also have the auto aim voice line bugged, when i use auto aim. And beside that, when i use auto aim and i get killed, i can’t switch to another player view point and the turret turret twitches .

    1. Can someone contact Jak_atakka mod creator for this issues?I know he would fix this in a minute…but how to contact him?

          1. do you know how to enter the mod settings? so i can deactivate the server reticle from there?

  7. Thank you, i find it, but even if i deactivate it, it activate itself and the reticle is still buggy

    1. This is for EU, I honestly have no idea why it’s not working with the RU region version 🙁
      The differences between the game clients are literally just cosmetic..

  8. Can you give me an email?
    I’ll show you
    and maybe I’m not sure, but after reinstalling the video card driver it worked correctly until this version

  9. Hi guys. Can anyone make this mod working on RU? Or maybe someone can tell me what editor to use to edit the scripts?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Maybe ask on the official WG page for this mod (just follow the SOURCE LINK button). I honestly have no idea what WG did so this is not working now on RU 🙁

    2. Privet, have you fixed the scripts for RU version? I still can’t find any version of the mod that works for Lesta

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