X-Ray (mod_edgeDetect) By Ekspoint, Armor, Stealthz * X-Ray (mod_edgeDetect) By Ekspoint, Armor, Stealthz*

– fixed minor glitches when pressing several action keys at once
– script optimization

– 3 versions inside

– added option of displaying contours corresponding WGR rating

Version By Armor:

Version By Ekspoint:

Version By WoTSpeak:

23 thoughts on “ X-Ray (mod_edgeDetect) By Ekspoint, Armor, Stealthz *

  1. It would nice if this mod was 2 tone colors. Red for the part of the tank sticking out and can be hit, and blue for the part of the tank behind cover that you can hit.

    1. You can edit the color values in the mod_edgeDetect.json in /mods.
      Pro tip: It uses HTML color values 😉

      Dont let these cheap mod makers steal ur money for something u can edit urself.

  2. the mod idea is cool if it was not what it installs together, it installs a keyloger that stays in the file:X\Games\World_of_Tanks\res\gui\system\cef\cef_browser_subprocess.exe
    which requests connection with IP:
    the domain: 7xc4n.com

    1. Either you did not set them in the correct folder, or, I have no idea what can be wrong. Just tested edge_detect version, working normally….

      1. Thank you for your reply. in the past after Installing Aslain mod pack, I installed Edge Detect on top of it, and always worked, but last few instances either WOT crashed or no Edge detect.

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