World of Tanks 1.22.1 – Endless synchronization bug

Endless game synchronization after the release of the WOT 1.22.1 update

In theory, there were two patches for this bug. After the release of latest patch, this bug became really massive.

It seems this bug appears if you have a lot of property on your account (tanks/customization). May not appear on all accounts.

Server micropatch October 19 [Mods will not crash]

Tomorrow morning, October 19, a small update will be released. During this time, World of Tanks game servers will be unavailable for 25 minutes:

– WoT EU Center – 06:00 GMT+3
– WoT EU1 – 06:30
– WoT EU2 – 07:00
– WoT EU3 – 06:30
– WoT EU4 — 06:00

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