Why World of Tanks Sucks Part 2 (Sucks for Good Players) By chems

8 thoughts on “Why World of Tanks Sucks Part 2 (Sucks for Good Players) By chems

  1. I would recommend you to stop playing wot and find a new game without spg. People who talk trash about a tank class that needs skill to aim and hit properly. After watching your video dont you ever cross my way. I feel insulted from your anti spg behavior and players like you should be banned from this game for good. Its the same like calling spg players “clicker shitter” or “sky cancer” the real clickers are people who play so called seal-clubbing tanks like the matilda, the kv1 or the pz kpfw II or similar ones where you need no brain just right click and fire non stop

  2. What a moronic video. She-He claims that “inexperenced” players are now able to get reward tanks. Here’s the fucking problem, shit-for-brains. There should not be OP reward tanks for anyone – especially better players.
    The other fuckhead comment was an insult to Claus Kellerman. My take on that comment tells me that the dumbshit that posted this video was jealous of Claus’ income status, hence, the insults. Claus is not a bad player and in stating so, you alienated 80% of your audience here, good job.

  3. Wargaming has unbalanced tanks, no SBMM, their shitty tier based MM is screwed up by the platoon system that appears to punish platoons for forming in advance with even crappier MM.

    i love tanks, i miss the game as it was before it before it became so monetized, and that is the problem, billions in revenue only comes from predatory sales tactics. i mean really did u have to charge to remove modules, or make the t10s so damn expensive to play. or look at bounty and bond gear. u pay gold for advanced BP, earn the stuff and have to upgraded it for what 2 or 3 million to get any use out of. then bonds are 200 to remove an item? i got bond, lots of them but i don’t feel their bang is worth the buck.

    i will play our the last of my free time, which runs out when I’m not playing and find something else to do if it doesn’t get a make over soon

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