Auxilium By ShuraBB Auxilium By ShuraBB

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          1. so i use winrar,take the res_mods folder (on winrar) and paste it on wot res_mods-> folder?

      1. Winrar is not unpacking correctly.
        It is showing you old cashed files. Clean winrar temporery files.
        When dowloading now, you should get folders, not

        1. okay im doing something wrong, please make a video when you download the file, paste it on the wot folder, so i can exactly do the same you do im win 7 btw

  1. Now that i have thease mega files, do i need to download them or just copy them from the web and paste it into what folder on the res_mods page

  2. Any chance this will be updated for 1.12.1. Not sure what change is needed but garage locks on updating vehicle for me.

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