YasenKrasen Colored Messages + Session Statistics YasenKrasen Colored Messages + Session Statistics

Just set the files into the correct folders !!!

14 thoughts on “ YasenKrasen Colored Messages + Session Statistics

    1. Because they work perfectly fine, just copy the files into the correct folder.
      The actual files are unchanged for the past year.
      And people are literally to lazy just to rename the folder…

  1. How.. do you install it and is this still good for 1.25?
    Copied backgrounds to mods/version and it works but that’s all that works.
    Tried copying statistics which is what I want most and colored messages and it stopped working for me, it crashes.
    Copied config folder into mods next to what I’ve already copied, still doesn’t work.
    I remember back in the day it was res_mods folder, now it shows mods, which is what and where do I need to copy what? Wtf is the point of just saying “Just set the files into the correct folders !!!” ??? WHAT ARE THE CORRECT FOLDERS?!

    Bottom line, does this still work? And if so how can u make it work.

  2. Ok, figured it out, it’s in mods you have to install, or copy rather the desired .wotmod background + sessions and colors and then config folder goes outside the version folder (1.25) in this case.

      1. Yasen has a few more statistics that I still find useful, but importantly is more animated so you can corelate a red tank icon, for example, to tanks destroyed. To me it feels a bit more premium and not just a mathematical equation.
        Appreciate the alternative though, had no idea others exist. I searched google and couldn’t find jack shit, had to force myself to remember this mod name, or maybe just pick it up from the old lists.
        Nice site! Keep coming back when I need a mod XD.

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