1.0.1 Eye Of Suron 6th Sense Icon + Sound “I See You…” By Hawg

1.0.1 Eye Of Suron 6th Sense Icon + Sound “I See You…” By Hawg

Eye Of Suaron 6th sense By Hawg. This mod changes the  stock 6th sense icon, to a Eye Of Suaron icon. Also added ” I see you” sound file  for both XVM and also non XVM users. 

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5 thoughts on “1.0.1 Eye Of Suron 6th Sense Icon + Sound “I See You…” By Hawg

  1. Pozdrav, ne znam dal je do XVM glupog koji ne moze uopce 6th sense zvuk imat, moralo se nes postimat u configu zvuka ili je do moda, ali 2 gamea je radilo ok, a sad umjesto original zvuka svira neki 8bit verziju ko iz sonica, u postavkama kad se testira zvuk normalno radi, al u bitki zamijeni..
    Any ideas, is it just me dumb or?

    1. are you using another xvm configuration?
      it could be that your xvm already have a sound in there,
      there are a couple places to install sixth sense sound mods
      C:\games\World of tanks\res\audioww\Sixthsense.mp3
      or packed as a mod like the download here
      C:\games\World of tanks\mods\\”6sensesound”.wotmod

      hope it did helped you a bit, i used google translate for your text, so if i misunderstand you, you know why 🙂

      1. sorry mate, i think Plazma is a Balkan dude, so i was expecting his response, but ok
        im using just the default config nothing else though i saw in a forum that by making lines
        “lightbulb”: “lightbulb”,
        “lightbulb_02”: “lightbulb_02”,
        “sixthSense”: “sixthSense”
        look like that in sounds.xc of default folder, it will work, so i did it and the sound was on, but it changed after like a match or two, this mod here was packed yes, so i was a bit confused when i saw ppl talking about audio files
        will try to donwload the one from curse thaT Hawg suggested, but nonetheless thank you for dealing with google translate mate 😀

  2. If your using Hawg Xvm the xvm sound is turn off,Clean your caches, if that don’t work try this 6th sense sound,


    1. nope, just the regular xvm, but sound is off there aswell, i will try to see if the one from curse works better, but nonetheless, excellent mod and hopefully it will works as intended for me

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