RedBall By Delysid RedBall By Delysid

– working for all servers

– no trial time

– Password: PlzDonate

– install location: /res_mods/X.X.X.X/scripts/client/gui/mods

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24 thoughts on “ RedBall By Delysid

  1. Nothing found
    The owner either removed the files or restricted access, or there’s a typo in the link.

    Pls update link

  2. All of these mods need like… at least a *brief* description of what they’re supposed to do. And/Or a link to a video of their function.

    That said… RedBall does not work well at all in a counter-battery sense. It gives an idea of where the arty is positioned but the odds of hitting it are about as likely as just picking a random bush and hoping.

  3. Remove pls because i draw Spam in Garage and open PopUps if you got any Browser open in background.

    Not Safe!

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