Mav’s Clan Message Center Mav’s Clan Message Center

Version 3.08 Changes

  • The mod now re-displays messages when coming out of battle/changing servers if a specified minimum amount of time has elapsed(set in primary.xml)

  • Header and divider graphic dimensions are no longer hard coded and can be changed in msg-ctr.xml

  • Toggles are no longer case sensitive. YES, yes, and yEs are all considered equivalent. Anything that does not contain only the letters y, e, and s, in that order(regardless of capitalization) is considered a no. Spaces are allowed in toggles and color settings

  • Should be relatively patch proof(unless WG makes some radical changes), and should continue to work for the foreseeable future on both CT and release versions by placing in the appropriate version folder.


  • Display message of the day from clan leadership

  • Display upcoming clan meeting details

  • Display tournament details

  • Display clan wars details

  • Allow designated clanmates to edit tournament/clan wars details without the need to give them access to the MOTD/clan meeting sections

  • Ability to disable any/all sections depending on requirements

  • Option to display primary, secondary, or both primary and secondary tournament and clan wars details

  • Choose color for different message types

  • Option to use local or remote header image above message list and/or divider image between messages

  • Automatically refreshes messages after a configurable time(only checks if time has elapsed when entering garage, after battle or when changing servers for instance)

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