Help with translation of AVS/BW mods – 2 months FREE subscription !!!

Translation of BW Mods by Polar Fox!


►►The translators can get 2 months of BW/AVS mods for free!◄◄

Please, remember that we don’t need file translated by google translator but file with unique, personal translation!

Risultati immagini per tank

Here is the file which has to be translated: ► en.pfl (open with Notepad ++)

Info for translation (it’s just an example):

►you have to translate the right side of the text (see example image) 

Screenshot (90).png

Let’s make it multilanguage modpack!!!

And more comfortable to use for everyone!!!


**The translated file you have to send to one of the admins in pm!!!!



French – DONE

Italian – DONE

Spanish – DONE

Serbian – DONE

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