Hawgs Battle Chat Messenger + Timer Hawgs Battle Chat Messenger + Timer

2 version Included, Color Text ,Stock Text

This mod has 2 function
1. Messenger Text in the Hanger and in Battle it changes the color of text to make it easier to see.

 2. Text Display and Fade You have 7 Display settings for each version you can make the text Display from 5 to 20 seconds
Also you can control the fade away from fast to slow.

Color Text Files
(1)  5_Sec Color Fast Fade
(2)  5_Sec Color Slow Fade
(3) 10_sec Color Fast Fade
(4) 10_sec Color Slow Fade
(5) 15_sec Color Fast Fade
(6) 15_sec Color Slow Fade
(7) 20_sec Color Fast Fade

Stock Text
(1)  5_Sec Stock Fast Fade
(2)  5_Sec Stock Slow Fade
(3) 10_sec Stock Fast Fade
(4) 10_sec Stock Slow Fade
(5) 15_sec Stock Fast Fade
(6) 15_sec Stock Slow Fade
(7) 20_sec Stock Fast Fade

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