Garage XVM + Tank Nation & Icons By Blue___Phoenix

Tank Nation & Icon Crew/Equipment auto-return Resource Lock  Garage XVM + Tank Nation & Icons By Blue___Phoenix

Change log: [8.3.1]

– Ready for World of Tanks

– XVM engine updated to 8.3.1



Less is more!

This is the most basic XVM setup, similar to what QuickyBaby uses, with all garage enhancements PLUS tank’s type and nation indicator. The basic stuff for the best performance.

The tank’s nation and icon type indicator, next to the player’s name.

All the XVM garage tools and features (auto-return crew/equipment, secure resource lock, etc.)

WN8 stats are off by default!

Basic WN8 stats, next to the player’s name (activate the service in XVM’s website)



Resource locks on bonds, gold, and free experience. -Prevents accidental use

Crew auto return. -Just click on the tank and presto!

[Automatically Return Crew] is the default

Buy premium button on tech-tree

Equipment auto-return. Camo net and binocs automatically return to your tank. No need to spend credits on this equipment anymore

Vehicle not available when low on ammo

Mastery displayed on the tank icon (All levels)


Tank’s nation indicator on the player panel

Tank’s type icon on the player panel

Default sniper zoom set to 4x, every time you enter sniper mode

To get WN8 stats, you need to activate the service in XVM’s website

Message from the modder

-If you like the mod, please upvote and comment.

-Or leave a comment if you don’t, to improve the mod


1) Make sure the World of Tanks Client is closed.

2) Unzip this file into your World of Tanks installation folder
3) If asked, select “REPLACE ALL”


For example.
If you installed World of Tanks on C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\
Unzip the mod there, C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\

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