Blackwot AutoAim for FOOTBALL EVENT !!!


valid until 17.07.2018

Blackwot AutoAim for FOOTBALL EVENT !!!

– Captured the ball with anticipation.
– In football, the point of aiming at the tanks is set to “Bottom” for better gutting.


Valid until 17.07.2018

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19 thoughts on “Blackwot AutoAim for FOOTBALL EVENT !!!

    1. you have to extract both folders in C:/Games/World_of_Tanks
      If you still have problems just let me know.

    1. it captures the ball. i was playing the football event 15mins ago and was working fine…just aim the ball and right mouse click.

  1. Working and tested, but if u use it u will be banned after the event because WG added this Event some Anticheat logfiles.

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