AVS & BW Mods Offline Time

Main server for PolarFox mods has been blocked by Roskomnadzor (the Russian federal telecommunication committee). They are basically blocking any servers that have anything to do with a app called Telegram (trying to close the app) and in their “wisdom” they are also blocking a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with Telegram.

For instance some banks lost connectivity to their ATM’s, cash registers are disconnected in several big supermarket chains etc.

Since AVS & BW mods use PolarFox core we are also affected .

This issue is resolved and a new server is active already.

All operations will go back to normal within 24h until all DNS addresses are rebooted.

To speed up the recovery for your system you can try the following:

  1. Flush DNS: press (together) WIN button + R, this will start RUN command window, type: ipconfig /flushdns. Hit enter. Wait. Reboot PC (restart your PC).


  2. Restart you router (if you use one)

  3. After that, just load the game as before, all will be working.

Sorry for this one, but we cannot fight the man in black 🙂

One thought on “AVS & BW Mods Offline Time

  1. If the guide doesn’t help after u did everything,
    change your connection to DNS and alternative, then it will work

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