AutoEquip Mod By Ekspoint AutoEquip Mod By Ekspoint

This will automatically mount camo net and bino on every tank that you chose. Saves a lot of time and money since bino and camo can be moved from tank to tank free.

Source Link – Oldskool

Download Link – Oldskool

Source Link – Ekspoint

Download Link – Ekspoint

14 thoughts on “ AutoEquip Mod By Ekspoint

  1. Does not work for me.
    + The mod does transfer the binocs and camo net to other tanks
    – but forgets the old tanks where is was mounted on before 🙁

    1. The issue is connected with WG adding a 64bit game engine.
      The launcher will now start a 64bit (new) version of the engine if it decides it is needed. But, tundra (and a bunch of other) was created for the 32bit.
      To resolve the issue, you will have to start the game via 32bit WorldOfTanks.exe located here: https://prnt.sc/ph1umn
      So, that is main game folder, WIN32 and just right click on the WorldOfTanks.exe, send to desktop: https://prnt.sc/ph1va4
      Using that icon start the game – all should be working…

  2. With the equipment 2.0 making binos and camo nets fixed equipment, doesn’t that make this mod totally useless?

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